Saints Peter & Paul Orthodox Mission
Culpeper, Virginia
Diocese of the South OCA

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Your parish has a yearly budget that is set at the start of each calendar year and is based on the pledges of each parish member to meet or exceed the operational costs of  running and maintaining active parish ministry, both inside and outside of the parish. God has given most of us the benefit of gainful employment for the raising up of families and households and the maintenance of our livelihood. You will surely agree that a significant part of our livelihood is the life in Christ we have been given through His Church. Offer a worthy tithe to Christ by giving financially to your parish that it may function as it was meant to, to serve you, your family, and your community. Consider adopting the biblical discipline of tithing. Tithing means giving 10% of your worldly wealth/income to God. If you cannot give 10%, give 5%. If not 5%, give 3%. Christ has given us everything. Let us return to Him what is already His! “Thine own, of Thine own, we offer unto Thee, on behalf all and FOR All!”